Fes medina guided tour

Fes medina guided tour


  • Fes medina guided tour

    In Fes medina guided tour you are invited to discover a selection of attractions: monuments and historic districts, gardens, shopping areas and historic districts, etc. Far from being restrictive, each of the themes is more of a guiding thread, a center of interest around which many other testimonies of Moroccan history and culture revolve.
    Three types of signage have been put in place to guide visitors along the tourist routes:
    - Information panels: Located at the ends of the various circuits, these panels allow above all, by the indication of the geographical location mentioned on the map, to be located within the medina. Presenting all the circuits, the information panels ensure the visibility of the different courses, their point of intersection and the succession of attractions that compose them.
    - Orientation panels: Guiding through the mazes of the medina, these numbered panels and the colors of the chosen circuits allow you to easily discover the different main attractions. Double-sided, they indicate the start and finish of the course, intended to signal the progress on the circuit, they also indicate the direction of the race.
    - Interpretation panels: Located near the main attractions, the interpretation panels present in a succinct way historical and cultural information relating to monuments, public spaces or selected commercial spaces. Intended for the interpretation of the artisanal heritage, they describe the sales areas, the production spaces and the involvement of artisans in the architectural witnesses of the medina. Placed to illustrate the point, photos accompany the text.

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